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As of November 1st, 2013 we are excited to announce that Julie Stevens will now be offering massage therapy services in our office!! If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or pricing, please call the office at
(517) 699-3000.

Julie Stevens ~ Massage Therapist

Julie's interest in massage therapy started with her interest in singing. After struggling with significant tension issues affecting her voice, Julie finally came across ( and later became certified in) the McClosky Technique, a vocal method using self-massage techniques to release tension in the neck, tongue, jaw, throat, and neck. The experience ignited her love and fascination for the human body and she continued her training by pursuing a year and a half of weekly private Alexander Technique lessons and one semester of the certification program. Still seeking a deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body, she enrolled in the massage therapy program at Lansing Community College and her experience was so positive that she changed her career direction from music to physical healing. She is currently working towards her Masters degree in Kinesiology with hoped to continue that degree towards a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys participating in aquabikes or triathlons, competing in agility and obedience with her three dogs, and getting bossed around by her cat.