Success Stories

I have suffered with knee pain for a couple years, after just one adjustment I noticed huge improvment. I slept 10 hrs that night because my knee pain did not wake me up. I am so encouraged because I thought I was going to have to live in pain but know now that isn't the case. They explained what was going on, how they would treat it and what I could hope for as far as results. Everyone in the office is so friendly and personable, you immeditately feel welcomed and comfortable. I highly recommend them.

Beth G. (3/26/22)

“My lower back, neck and feet feel unbelievably better since I started coming here 2 weeks ago. I no longer have to wait and dread standing up in the morning. Not only am I improving physically but emotionally I am too. I am so much more happy & positive!!” When asked if there was anything our staff could do to better serve her she said, “continue being fricken amazing!!”

Roz H. (4/4/22)

I found out about Volz Family Chiropractic from driving by their office. I was in such severe pain I could hardly work or play. Since being under Chiropractic care I can function again! I can play with my toddler, work out, etcetera. I fully intend on continuing with wellness care. Volz Chiropractic offers thoughtful, individualized treatments. Some Chiropractors just crack your back and send you on your way in less than 5 minutes. They take the time to consider the overall picture in addition to whatever is going on that day; then they tailor the treatment to it, incorporating a variety of techniques.

Katherine G (8/23/16)

In Praise of Volz Family Chiropractic

I am 57 years old and have always been skeptical of Chiropractic care. Probably the main reason for my skepticism was the everyone I talked to who had used this type of care, had always stated that you had to keep going back for it to be effective. I guess I always felt that medical care should be more along the lones of one and done, with some preventive care advice given to follow at hoome. I can now pin this, and all my other reasons for skepticism, on my own ignorance.

To be fari, I do believe that there is a wide divergence in quality of care given by primary physicians and other medical professionals, based upon their skill, but also upon their abilities to communicate and relate to their patients. Imagine my enthusiasm and relief, when I began using Volz Chiropractic Care. I was still skeptical when I first arrived, but was in a lot of pain and was open and willing to follow their guidelines.

After my first few visits to Volz, my skepticism began to recede. My skepticism has continued to abate and I now consider myself an advocate of chiropractic care. The Volz team, in particular, have proven to be circumspect in the opinions of health care. My Chiropractor and I have discussed my exercise, diet, travel, life style, and other items in order for them to understand me, and give me a more holistic approach to my health. I am now almost 100% pain free and moving like I'm 40, but more importantly, I am on a better path to keep myself healthier going forward. I am also more aware of the connection between Chiropractic health and overall health and wellness.

I would advise anyone to try the VOlz team, you will find them progressive minded, lively, engaging, professional, and caring in their aproach to individual issues and solutions.

~ Jerry W (3/17/16)

I started Chiropractic care when I had pain in my hip and lower back. I had gone to a Chiropractor in the past but it definately had been a while. Dr Holmberg had done my evaluation and I could instantly feel this office was different. Between Dr Volz and Dr Holmberg the treatment I received was very thorough and has addressed all my needs. Within 2 weeks I noticed I had little to no pain in my hip. I was sleeping better and I had more energy!!!

I definitely plan on continuing services as I have a very rigorous travel and work life. Chiropractic care has kept me from getting sick this winter and all the car trips no longer leave my back in pain! Everything has been more managable physically. The doctors and staff are always friendly and it's a welcoming environment. I am happy to have stumbled upon their office.

~ Sandy McDonell (February 2016)

Our family has beenhappy at Volz Chiropractic. All of the staff has been kind and helpful - they seem happy to be here. Since I started coming to Volz Chiropractic my knees have have been less pain and I feel happy to take steps to improve my health without medication. Thank you to all the staff :)

~ Jamie DeMond (December 2015)

I started going to Volz during the second trimester of my first pregnancy because I wanted a natural birth and to maintain my running throughout the pregnancy. Volz is very well respected in the natural birth world for their techniques and care of pregnant moms. I found that not only was I ultimately able to have a fast natural childbirth, but I ran until 36 weeks pregnant with minimal discomfort and great energy. I will definitely continue care at Volz through my postpartum recovery and as I begin to train for my next race. They even will adjust my newborn son!

~ Chelsea T. (October 2015)

I learned about Volz Family Chiropractic from a friend who attends small group training class at the same studio that I do. I often complained of back pain, and she was happy to refer me to Volz. Since beginning my Chiropractic journey with Volz, my number one experience has been NO MORE PAIN! This is very important to me, as back pain made even every day basic things like getting in/out of my car or bending to put the leash on my dog a struggle. Workouts were also negatively impacted when I was in pain. This is not my first time seeking Chiropractic care. However, in the past with other doctors, I have only gone when I was "broken". I'd be adjusted, feel better, and go on with my life. I never considered a "maintenance" plan for my Chiropractic health. The amazing staff and doctors at Volz explained to me in very easy to understand language the benefits of having regular adjustments. I never felt pressured, and I am very ahppy to say that my regular visits have made a huge positive impact on my overall health and well being. Everyone at Volz is very pleasant, professional and warm, and they treat their patients like family. I will not hesitate to recommend Volz to friends and family.

~ Elizabeth S.

Dr. Volz is passionate about the importance and benefits of Chiropractic care. She loves her patients and wants to help care for them. Every year she goes out of her way to do special things, like a movie at Celebration Cinemas for the kids and a Halloween Party, for her patients. On a personal note, one Saturday I injured my neck causing an enormous amount of pain. After waiting a few hours I couldn't take the pain any longer so I called Dr. Volz. She stopped what she had going on with her personal life and met me at her office. Dr. Volz with her skills went ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty and helped me with my messed up neck. You rock Dr. Volz!!

~ Elizabeth Manning

Volz Chiro cares so much about their clients that they even come to visit you when you have a baby to give the baby their first adjustment for free! They treat you like family and you never leave without a hug!

~ Maryann Hancock

This is my Chiropractor and Hero! She has saved me from potential surgery at the base of my brain. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia which medication was not helping at all. The pain was excruciating and dilating. After learning that some cases of TN can be treated through chiropractic adjustments my daughter Cindy Wright suggested Volz Family Chiropractic. I am now pain free without medication and surgery! I am so grateful for what they have done for me that I cannot sing their praises loud enough or often enough. Volz Family Chiropractic you have my vote!

~ Karen Krieger

I have been going to see Volz Family Chiropractic consistently for a little over a year now and have always been greeted with such friendliness every time I walk through the door, but what was suprising to me and everyone I tell this to, is that above and beyond extended care I recieved when Dr. Volz offered and went out of her way to come to my house to do a personal visit and adjust my new born baby girl just a couple of days after she was born because I was a little worried about her shoulder getting caught while being born. I have never heard of a chiropractor making a home visit with out expensive fees but not only was it complimentary, she made the trip to m y house while being off her oen time while she was getting her gaimly ready to go to Florida on a family trip! The fact that she put the chaos of packing her family up for their trip on hom hold to come to my house to visit me and my baby and adjust her meant the world to me that Dr. Volz took the time out of her extremely busy day! I will always remember her generosity and care for me and my family, she and her entire office are awesome people!

~ Amada Lopez

A friend from work recommended I come in to this office as he has seen dramatic improvements after being seen and treated. I was in constant neck and shoulder pain with limited range of motion. After being treat by Dr. Herman I am feeling much better and can participate in the things I love to do much more comfortably. I plan to continue to be treated here for a long time. The doctors and staff are so friendly and warm, I feel they truly care about me. Dr. Volz has helped in my treatments as well. The doctors have made me feel so much better!

~ Amy B. (June 2014)

After having surgery on my shoulder, I had a lot of neck pain and headaches from the way I was holding my shoulder. After a few adjustments, my headaches were gone and I noticed my throat stopped hurting. I have continued adjustments and don't get headaches anymore and also it has helped my shoulder recovery!

~ Erin R. (February 2014)

I was in terrible shape, was seeing another Chiropractor and my friend talked me into trying Volz Chiropractors.

I've made such remarkable progress since I've started seeing them, almost like a whole new person. They take time to hear about your issues and take the time to fix your issues. They've done wonders and are wonderful people themselves; they make you feel like a friend not just a client.

I always look forward to seeing them and would recommend them to anyone.

~ Jennie Weisenberger (November 2013)

I am an 82 year old woman who has had chronic back pain most of my adult life. It had gotten to the point that I couldn't stand for more than 15 minutes. It was extremely painful to walk and impossible to get a good night's sleep.

I had a friend that had hurt her back and had come to VFC for treatment. She was having such good results that I asked where she was going. That's when I decided to come to VFC. After I had a couple of adjustments I could stand for much longer and walk with little to no pain. The best part is I don't take the pain medication only occasionally if I've done something more strenuous.

I do believe that it is important to think of this as a partnership. The Doctors adjustments are a part of it and then it is up to you to keep your back muscles toned. To help keep the spine in alignment, I do a minimum of 20 minutes a day of the stretches that are on the sheet I was given in the folder received.

The Doctors at VFC are very friendly and make you feel comfortable right from the start. They explain what they are doing so you understand what's going on. I will continue to come to VFC so I can lead a fuller life without pain medication.

~ Patricia May (October 2013)

I found out about Chiropractic from a trusted friend (also a patient). Subluxations caused me to have chronic/constant lower back pain and lots of headaches. Since being under Chiropractic care I have had very little lower back pain and very few headaches. I absolutely intend on continuing care. I had resolved myself to the pain and not I don't have to. Not to mention the people are personable and really nice. I would miss them :) I am so pleased with the care I've received I got my daughter to come and now I'm working on my other friends and family. I cannot thank you all enough!

~ Linn Gladstone (September 2013)

I use to get headaches really bad at least one or twice a week. When I started going faithfully and regularly to get adjusted, the headaches stopped. Now I rarely get them! Thanks!!

~ Jennie Chadwick (August 2013)

I used to believe that Chiropractic medicine was hokum. As a mother of 3 with a Master's degree, I lived with constant twinges and aches without much notice. A trusted friend highly recommended Chiropractic treatment and to at least try before dismissing. After only a month seeing the doctors at Volz Chiropractic, I went from having headaches 3 times a week to a possible once a month. Insomnia issues reduced greatly. I had no idea the amount of pain I was in. A few months of treatment, and my moods improved. I am happy, my family is happy, and even my intimate time with my husband has vastly improved. Thank you Volz Chiropractic, you have truly changed my life for the better.

~ Jennifer Jacobson-Goff (July 2013)

Today I write about how Chiropractic has changed my life for the better. Before my Chiropractic appointments I had headaches regularly and had joint problems. I also had constant allergy attacks that made my headaches worse. After going through with Chiropractic I have less of these problems and can focus on school.

~ Jonathan Jacobson (July 2013)

I hardly knew what Chiropractic appointments meant when my mother introduced it ti me months ago. I was unhappy walking into Volz Family Chiropractic because of the hole at the top of the adjustment table. I put my face in the hole and she said that she was going to put my vertebrae back where they should be. After the appointment, I felt happier and I didn't have anymore pain in my back or neck. When I was at school before the appointment, my back hurt a lot causing me to not pay attention in school. Now I can stay focused in school without any pain.

~ Rachel Jacobson (July 2013)

As a pre-chiropractic student at MSU, I did not know much about the field I was going into. But meeting Dr. Volz and Dr. Herman changed my world and my view on healthcare. They are at the top of a long (and growing) list of Chiropractic supporters and I am so greatful to learn from them! I will absolutely continue with Chiropractic care to achieve overall wellness and I can't wait to change the lives of patients of my own someday! Thanks Dr. Kyle and Dr. Rachel!

~ Becca Krul (April 2013)

My husband has been under Chiropractic care for a few years here at Volz Family Chiropracitc and he encouraged me to try Chiropractic care for myself. I work a stressful job as a nurse and often felt like my shoulders were up to my ears. I had also been experiencing frequent headaches despite being on anti-migraine medication. When Dr Volz showed me my x-rays and explained what was going on with my body I was shocked. I had no idea! I have been under care for 8 weeks now and my headaches have greatly improved, as has the general tension. I do intend to continue on with wellness care, and we have also brought our children to the office for maintenance adjustments. The only thing I would change is I wish I would have tried Chiropractic care sooner!

~ Rene Larson (March 2013)

I found out about Volz Chiropractic through a business associate. I have been to three different Chiropractic practices before finding Volz. I know the value of adjustments and what it can mean to help improve your lifestyle. Having had many sports related injuries and surgeries because of those injuries, the work Volz has done with me has relieved much of the constant pain I have been in. I will continue to work with Dr. Rachel and Volz to keep my body wellness in top condition.

The staff and office environment at Volz is very friendly and has a family feeling about it. I am highly recommending Volz to my friends and associates.

~ Don Headley (11/15/2012)

First thing I want to say is, I am feeling so much better. I can't tell you how much pain I was in. From the top of my spine, into my neck, the numbness ran into my arms and down into my hands and fingers. The pain had built up over time. My fingers were also starting to swell and I could not wear my wedding ring. A year ago we bought a Tempra-Pedic bed, it helped some at first but my pain had gotten to the point where lying in bed was actually more painful due to the extreme numbness and tingling going on in my neck, arms and hands. I knew it wasn't the bed but my body.

The lack of restful sleep was wearing on me. I was tired all the time and could not find much comfort. I knew I needed to do something. My daughter was going to be getting married in a couple of month. I needed HELP! My family doctor wanted to send me to a doctor and have surgery for Carpal Tunnel, but I knew that wasn't my problem.

Some people that I work with come to Volz Family Chiropractic. I never asked how they liked it here but I could just see the difference Volz was making. I would hear them making an appointment over the phone or they would be leaving the office to go to their appointment at Volz. I could see the difference after their appointment. I saw it in their face, body & spirit just how much better they looked.

Volz Family Chiropractic allowed me to fully enjoy my daughter's wedding day. The pain, tension, tiredness and stressfulness of my pain were not the only thing I was thinking of on that special day. Thank you Volz!

It's all in the name of "family" in their name; the staff is always welcoming and takes the time to listen. I hope to make Chiropractic care a part of my life long living of wellness in personal health.

~ Mary Bogrett (10/2012)

I found out about your office by driving by all the time. I was pregnant at the time and something just didn't feel right and I couldn't breathe, I called for an appointment. They worked me in after hours and adjusted me that same day! Receiving regular adjustments from then and now has helped my everyday life so much. Not only do I have more energy, but I don't have headaches as frequently and my asthma and allergies are more under control with minimal use of medicine. I love everybody at the office and it's not just a place to come and get adjustments but it's more of coming to see your family.

~ Serenity Hayes - Anderson (9/5/2012)

I first came to Volz Family Chiropractic because I was pushed by a little boy and I fell down on my butt. I told mommy that it hurt to sit so she made an appointment to see Dr. Phaedra. She said that my hips were way off, whatever that means. All I know is it didn't hurt to sit anymore and I could run and play again. I am a very active little boy as my mom says, so I tend to fall a lot. Every time I have a major fall I get to go see my favorite Chiropractors. Plus I get to see them for my regular adjustments too! I love getting adjusted and getting stickers and vitamins too. I'm really glad that my mommy, brother and I come here. It's the best!

~ Maverick Anderson (with help from his mom)

I have been coming to see Dr. Rachel and Dr. Kyle since I've been in my mommy's tummy. When I came out and into the world I was not a happy camper. I was very fussy and cried a lot. My mommy brought me to see Dr. Rachel for the first time. When I was just about a month or so old. My mommy noticed right away that I didn't fuss as much and I slept by myself in my crib and mommy didn't have to hold me all the time. I feel so much better after my adjustments. It makes me happy and I can grow up healthy! My mommy brings me for regular adjustments every month! Thanks mommy, Dr. Rachel and Dr. Kyle for making me a happy healthy baby!

~ McKale Anderson (with some assistance from mom)

Volz Family Chiropractic changed my life.
I was referred by a friend who told me they could help me with my lingering sciatic pain. The pain started when I was pregnant with my second child. I tried Physical Therapy during and after my pregnancy and the effects were not long lasting. I went to see Dr. Herman for my first appointment. She explained the way Chiropractic worked. Subluxations keep our body from functioning at its full potential. It dawned on me how logical this was. A subluxated vertebrae blocks off a nerve and the spot it goes to will not function as it should. I started my treatment August 2008. Shortly after that I had my 2 children come in December 2008. My son had suffered from Asthma for 2 years after having pneumonia. He was on daily inhalers and was sick with colds and ear infections often. My daughter was generally healthy, but did have bouts with Croup on a regular basis. After being under care at Volz, my son was off his daily asthma inhalers after only 2 months. He didn't display any more of the daily asthma symptoms. My daughter was always adjusted the day after a croup attack and would bounce back to healthy in 24 hours. Ryan (Volz Registered Dietician) told me about Sweet Echinacea drops. I started giving those to my kids when they showed signs of a possible cold coming on, plus take them in to be adjusted and the cold would be minor and only last a day or two with only minor discomfort. My son went from being on antibiotics monthly to barely at all. By keeping his body is alignment he was able to fight things on his own without it manifesting.

I became pregnant Fall 2008. I was worried since I had been under care in August of this year that my sciatic nerve issues would return as severe as they did in my previous pregnancy. Dr. Volz understood my concerns and we worked out a weekly adjustment plan. I also had weekly massages. My third pregnancy was like night and day between my second. By stretching, massage therapy and weekly adjustments my pain level for the sciatic nerve was almost non-existent. I wish I had been under care for my first 2 pregnancies. It felt so good, even though I was still taking care of 2 toddlers. When an ultrasound found out that my baby was breech they followed the strict Webster Technique (Both Dr. Volz and Dr. Herman are certified in the Webster Technique) which at my next ultrasound the baby had flipped and stayed head down for the remainder of my pregnancy. I had also had bad round ligament pain with my last two pregnancies. Dr. Volz was able to prevent all round ligament pain by applying pressure to the ligaments. It was amazing how good I felt.

My husband is also under care. He has a highly stressful job, one cause of subluxations. He gets adjusted every few weeks to keep his body in good condition.

It's been over 3 years and I wish we would have found Chiropractic care sooner in my life. You don't have to suffer. You can be healthy and pain free with Chiropractic care. I am a walking commercial for Chiropractic and Volz Family Chiropractic. They have changed my family's lives. I have never met people that care so deeply about your well being. The receptionists, massage therapists and doctors. Everyone is happy to answer any questions. I usually have a lot of questions about what subluxation causes what. It's so much easier to understand the reason you get sick and express health when you know the real source of the problem. My kids have missed hardly any school since they started. Which I attribute to regular adjustments. Children especially are so resilient. Society and MD's just don't let them show you that when you are constantly shoving their bodies full of antibiotics, etc... When you can put things back the way they are suppose to be in your body, you can do what your body was made to do, heal itself naturally."

~ Jennifer Miller (3/20/2012)

"For ten years, I have periodically with a very stiff neck that turns into an unbearable headache that lasts for days. During that time, I tired everything to relieve this pain, including a plethora of different pillows or not pillow at all. None of these helped. On my birthday, January24th, 2012, my wife gave me a Chiroflow pillow. Since that time, sleeping on this pillow, I have been 100% free of the pain that I experience for a decade of my life."

~ Scott Gleason

"I was looking to find a Chiropractor when I came across the number in the phone book. The way your staff answered made me decide to come in and try it out.

Subluxations affected my energy. I wanted to be able to get out of bed and feel refreshed, but I just wanted to jump back into it! I had headaches all the time and couldn't get rid of them. I also had problems sleeping. Now that I have had steady Chiropractic care for a while, I've noticed that I no longer have headaches. I literally haven't had a headache come back since having regular Chiropractic adjustments. My energy is amazing. It's so nice to have a full day to do all the things I used to do in a few hours. It's nice to be able to jump out of bed refreshed. It's also wonderful to finally get better sleep. I can tell when I am in need of an adjustment when my sleep isn't right.

I intend to continue my Chiropractic visits to maintain the health and energy its given to me.

Lastly, I'd like to say how appreciative I am of the educational information that I have gotten from the staff. I've learned a lot about vaccinations, subluxations, birthing process and so much more. It's nice to see that you care about giving the knowledge to your patients.

Thank you for making my experience fabulous thus far."

~ Jessica W. (February 2012)

"When I first found out about Chiropractic care I thought this program won't help me. When my neck hurt there was nothing that I could do. Since my family was under care I soon became under care as well. I've learned that Chiropractic care helps with alignment. When out of alignment you may have headaches, stomach aches, colds and body aches.

After being under care for over 6 weeks my body feels better. I am not aching every move I make or feeling sore. I plan on staying with Volz Chiropractic care for a long time to come. I will do this because being in alignment is important to my health, my future and me."

~ Grace W. (2011)

"I tentatively came to Volz Family Chiropractic seeking help with a progressively worsening pain in my right leg. I had a lifelong fear of chiropractors that was quickly erased. Just meeting Dr. Kylene and Dr. Rachel and seeing their gentle demeanor and hearing them speak of their goals of seeing their patients live a healthy life gave me the confidence to visit their office.

Over the four months that followed, the pain in my leg was 95% resolved. And as long as I take my daily Melaleuca vitamins and exercise along with the now bi-weekly adjustments, I remain pain free. However, I have something more lifechanging to tell you about.

At my first adjustment, I was able to take a deep breath for the first time in years. I was so short of breath that I had to stop three times to catch my breath while walking up Capitol Hill (which is not very high). When I talked, I had to stop to take a breath before finishing a sentence. My conversations were so tedious because I was constantly being interrupted by the other person thinking that I had completed my sentence, when in fact, I had only paused to take a breath. I really thought that I had some horrible respiratory problem.

After that first adjustment, I could breathe. My lungs actually hurt from getting air to the cells and tissues that had long sat idle. I can walk without stopping every few feet. I can talk and finish my sentences. I can exercise. I can enjoy life again.

Other lifechanging things have happened, as well, which are all due to the care I've received from Dr. Kylene, Dr. Rachel and Ryan. I am totally caffeine free after a lifetime addiction to coffee. I no longer am dependant on antacids to get through the day and night. The stiffness is gone from my toes. And, I am losing weight by following a healthy eating plan, daily vitamins, moderate exercise and drinking lots of water. I feel good!

Thank you for giving me a new healthier life. It's my future and I'm going to be there healthy thanks to Volz Family Chiropractic."

~ Helen Sanders (11/24/2007)

"I live very close to Volz Family Chiropractic, so I found out about their office as they were getting ready to open. I started seeing Dr. Volz in January 2006 because I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulders from years of carrying heavy backpacks and books, and then my daughter. Some days my shoulders would hurt so bad that I couldn't raise my arms over my head to get dressed, or bend down to pick up my daughter. After my first few visits to Dr. Volz I noticed I wasn't experiencing any pain in my shoulders. I was thrilled with how much better they felt....I didn't have to worry about whether or not my shoulders would hurt anymore.

I learned the power of REGULAR Chiropractic care when I missed an appointment and couldn't see Dr. Volz for four weeks, I could feel pain in my shoulders. But, Chiropractic care hasn't been just about pain for me. My daughter also started seeing Dr. Volz early in 2006 and has been very healthy since (no ear infections since she started regular care). She gets sick much less than other kids her age who don't see a Chiropractor. And I 'm sure it helps with "growing pains"!

Dr. Volz has also taught me how to treat my body better (I no longer sleep on my stomach!). I have more energy and am a healthier person because of her!!

Thank you for everything!"

~ Melinda Wise (5/11/2007)

" I first heard about Chiropractic care when one of my friends was referred to a Chiropractor for her newborn baby's constipation issue. I kind of chuckled inside but really thought no more about it. After a few weeks, my friend said that the Chiropractic care her daughter received helped tremendously. I suffered from migraine headaches for twenty years. After seeing countless Doctors and taking dozens of different prescriptions, I was desperate for relief. My headaches were debilitating and took over much of my life. One of my family members suggested I go see her Chiropractor. I made my first appointment with Dr. Volz and within four adjustments my headaches were reduced dramatically. After eight visits my headaches were a thing of the past. I am a much happier person today because I know that today, tomorrow, and next week I will be headache free!

I love Chiropractic care, especialy with Dr. Volz. Dr. Volz and her staff make every visit fun. They truly are a "family" Chiropractic office. Thank you for improving the quality of my life. My wife and children appreciate it!"

~ Randy Price (9/14/2006)

"My mom was reading the Holt Community News and saw the article on the Grand Opening of Volz Family Chiropractic. She knew I had been having some ongoing back pain, and since we already knew Kyle, sorry "Dr. Volz", and the staff, she called that same day or at least the very next day. She found out our insurance was accepted and so here I am.

My back problems had been affecting my life for at least 3 years prior to my first appointment. My subluxations caused me to quit massage therapy school and start on a different career path. It also disabled me from working out and exercising like I had for years and had enjoyed doing.

My life has changed so much for the better since beginning my Chiropractic care. Since coming to your office for care I have been able to do whatever I want to without fearing it would cause me pain. I had previously seen a D.O. for manipulations and was nowhere pleased like I have been with the adjustments Dr. Volz has given me. Since starting Chiropractic care at Volz Family Chiropractic I had no second thoughts about taking on my new job. Since I work in a hospital and am on my feet for 12 hour periods, I owe that all to Dr. Volz! Without the care I have received from her, I know I would never be able to take on this job and get such a great opportunity if it weren't for her. The comfort I have with my back now is priceless. Being able to do anything and everything I want without pain is the best gift ever!

To say the least I love Dr. Volz and all she has done for me, my back, and my overall health.

Without a doubt I plan to continue on with my wellness plan until the day you close your doors!

I don't know where I'd be today without the care I have received. I finally feel like I have a 22 year old's body and not a 122 year old's! It's a great feeling to wake up everyday pain free! THANK YOU!

~ Kendra Somes (9/18/2006)